As Australia flounders in 35th place on the Global Gender Gap Report, it is becoming clear that high level policy change through government and big business is not happening fast enough. We argue that this is a critical economic and social challenge that affects all Australians and that the time has come for all of us to step up and do what we can to expedite change.

That is why we are excited to be teaming up with one of Australia’s best known female advocates, reporter, presenter and author Tracey Spicer, to launch a national initiative designed to create practical, measurable change in workplaces across the country.

Women & Leadership Australia’s 100 Days for Change is a grassroots, action orientated initiative that will catalyse individuals and organisations into making achievable change to increase gender equity in their workplace.

The time for action is now. It is up to each and every one of us to take accountability for our own part in creating gender equity. The 100 Days for Change initiative represents one hundred days to work together and take practical action to effect real change. Our aim is to empower individuals and organisations, across all industries and sectors, to make all kinds of large and small scale changes. Our hope is that this collective action will increase momentum towards achieving equitable working conditions for all.



The objective of the 100 Days for Change initiative is to catalyse people into making achievable, practical changes to improve gender equity at all levels. In the lead up to and during the 100 Days for Change we will be asking individuals and organisations across the country to announce and celebrate the changes they are making in order to publically demonstrate mainstream Australia’s appetite for change. It is our hope that through the visibility of this grassroots movement, government agencies and big business are further swayed towards making widespread change.​

Veronica Lake

General Manager Partnerships and Alliances, WLA

Suzi Finkelstein

Program Director, WLA

100 Days for Change​

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Welcome to 100 Days for Change​

The 101st Day is an impact assessment report of the 100 Days for Change campaign. It includes case studies of participating organisations, key themes of pledges, and how many people were positively impacted. It also importantly outlines some suggested next steps for maintaining the momentum for workplace gender equity into the future.  ​

the 101st day