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Hello, and welcome to the latest issue of Aspire: May 2019. 

A lot has happened in the past couple of months. We are excited to be celebrating our fifteenth birthday, and have put together a little video to celebrate. Our first Australian Women's Leadership Symposium for 2019 has already taken place, and we are chatting to female politicians about leadership within the context of the Federal Election. 

Catherine Fox, Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) Director of Diversity, has had a few things to say about International Women's Day (IWD) and the importance of people coming together, and Terry Fitzsimmons, Director of the Australian Gender Equality Council and long time friend of WLA, shares his insights into how we can fix the gender gap in Australia. Plus, we share some tips on leadership, because that is what we are here for. 

We hope you enjoy this edition of Aspire

Announcing the recipients of the 2019 Australian Awards for Excellence in Women's Leadership!

Winners Announced


We are so excited to share the recipients of the 2019 Australian Awards for Excellence in Women's Leadership. These awards recognise exceptional Australian women who, through their work, have improved the likelihood of other women within their field or community more broadly having greater access to leadership equality.

Tracey Spicer AM is our national award winner, and will accept her award on stage at the Canberra Symposium in June. Suzi Finkelstein, Director of Leadership and Advocacy at WLA, said of Tracey receiving the award, "Tracey’s sustained commitment to advancing gender equality in Australia’s media industry is both admirable and inspirational. She is a proud advocate for all women and we are so honoured that she will accept this award on stage at our Canberra Symposium."

Created in 2014 and nominated by members of the WLA community, the underlying purpose of the awards is to increase visibility and momentum for the push for Australian women to receive equitable access to leadership positions across all industries and the broader community.

You can see the official announcement and full list of winners here.

We talk to female politicians about running for parliament for the first time.

At Women & Leadership Australia, we are all about amplifying amazing female leaders in our society. As part of the election, we speak to Shireen Morris (Labor), Hollie Hughes (Liberal) and Zali Steggall (Independent) about what motivated them to run for the first time, what they hope to achieve and what they hope their leadership legacy will be. 

To read about Shireen, head here, for Hollie, here and Zali is here.

Catherine Fox, WLA's Director of Diversity, on the importance of women coming together. 

Catherine Fox Headshot


Catherine Fox, Director of Diversity at WLA, has penned a piece about the importance of women coming together to celebrate, talk to each other and work together to advance gender equality. You can read the piece here.

Women & Leadership Australia is 15! 


wla 15 years logo


We are so excited to be celebrating our fifteenth year in 2019. From humble beginnings in rural Victoria, we have grown and now offer leadership development opportunities and leadership events to women in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We have also created a short video to celebrate the women who have engaged with us over the past 15 years! You can find out more about what we have planned to mark the occasion here.

Terry Fitzsimmons, Director of Australian Gender Equality Council, talks to WLA about how Australia can reach gender equity. 

Terry Fitzsimmons, long time friend of WLA and now the Director of AGEC, talks to us about the intricacies of achieving gender equality in Australia, where we are as a nation and what we should be focusing on to to achieve gender equity in this video.

Until we stop valuing traditionally 'masculine' leadership traits, women will be overlooked for promotion.

This article, written by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic for HBR, takes a look at some controversial  ideas around ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ traits, and which of these traits we value more in leaders - and why. As you would know, at WLA we value and promote inclusive thinking, it’s a fine line at times in terms of styles, so we are curious with exploring this.  

Our Facebook community really engaged with this - we would love to know what you think! Read it here.

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