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Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Aspire

We are half way through the year and already have so much to celebrate.

We have now presented four women with awards for Excellence in Women's Leadership, we were excited to be featured in The CEO Magazine, and we have talked about the power and importance of amplification with over 500 delegates. 

Thank you so much for supporting our work and helping to work towards gender equity in the workplace. We couldn't do it without you! 

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Suzi Finkelstein, Director of Leadership and Advocacy at WLA, talks about the importance of amplification

This year, the focus of our Symposium series is Amplification. We truly believe that if we amplify each other, we can help create positive change in our workplaces. Our Director of Leadership and Advocacy Suzi Finkelstein wrote an article about why amplification is so important.



Catherine Fox on why we need to start accounting for unpaid 'womens' work in the GDP

Did you know that unpaid domestic work and unpaid child care is not counted in Australia’s GDP? It is time we accounted for the efforts of what was once seen to be ‘women’s work’ and the value it adds to our economy, explains Catherine Fox, Director of Diversity.


We have visited Perth, Brisbane and Canberra - here's what we have learnt so far

We have begun our Symposium series for 2019 and even though we are not yet half way through, there have already been so many amazing ‘aha’ moments. Here are a few of our biggest takeaways from the Symposiums so far.

Symposium learnings


Amy Bach looks at how skills transfer from parenthood to effective management

There are a lot of skills that are essential to being a good manager, from time management, prioritisation and being able to think on your feet. These are also skills that are developed by working parents, which begs the question: Could parents make more effective managers?


"We are not lacking in innovation in this area"- Catherine Fox on why workplaces need to ditch the excuses when it comes to equality

In this interview, Catherine Fox talks about workplace innovations that help achieve gender equity in the workplace, whether we should have targets or quotas, and her latest book, Women Kind


We are very proud to share that our nine amazing award winners have been recognised in The CEO Magazine.

Our award winners for the Australian Awards for Excellence in Women's Leadership do incredible things to advance gender equity in the workplace, and society, every day. We were so pleased to see them, and the award program, recognised in The CEO Magazine.

CEO magazine winners