Dr Genevieve Armson

Senior Facilitator and Executive Coach

As a facilitator, registered psychotherapist and a phenomenological coach, Genevieve Armson provides unique, supportive and outcomes-oriented programs for leaders and managers across Australia.

From the start of her career, Genevieve Armson has inspired thousands of businesses and individuals on the road to improved productivity and leadership success.

Her unique, outcome-oriented approach is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and allow them to grow and develop as they move through the 21st century.
She began her career in the building and construction materials industry, before her strong business acumen and leadership qualities saw her become State Sales Manager at Bradford Insulation.

Genevieve then became the youngest person – and the first woman – to be appointed Operations Manager for CSR in WA. She was then appointed as CSR’s General Manager Operations in British Columbia, Canada, followed by a successful period as State Manager, WA.

Throughout her career, Genevieve has earned the respect and loyalty of her existing clients and established many new clients. Her academic background and extensive management experience have been recognised around the state, the nation and internationally.

Genevieve is committed to continuing her own learning and has undertaken many accredited courses, seminars and self-paced programs, including nationally-recognised training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) training and workplace mediation. 

But perhaps her biggest strengths are her exceptional people skills. It is impossible not to be enthused by her straight-forward approach to coaching and business growth. Her passion for personal development, leadership, motivation and creativity are obvious and her strategies are tailored and logical. She wants to help… and she does.​

BSc (Honours), MBA (Distinction), M.Couns, DBA